Gustavo Luza

Gustavo Luza ( born October 11, 1962 in Buenos Aires ) is a former Argentine tennis player.


Luza was established in 1985 and first played professional tennis player on the ATP Challenger Tour. The following year, he stood at the side of his compatriot Gustavo Tiberti twice in the finals of a double tournament on the ATP World Tour. After another finals next Guillermo Perez- Roldan in Geneva in 1989, he won a first doubles title on the ATP World Tour, along with Christian Miniussi he won in Barcelona. Overall, he was able to win five doubles titles during his career, four more times he stood in a double finals. Its highest listing in the tennis world ranking he reached in 1988 with position 319 in single and in 1990 with position 37 in doubles.

In the individual he was never able to qualify for a Grand Slam tournament. His best result was the two-time double knockout participation at the French Open.

Luza played between 1989 and 1990 three double appearances for the Argentina Davis Cup team. 's 3-2 quarter-final win against Germany in 1990 he was defeated at the side of Javier Frana in double against Eric Jelen and Michael Stich, this was his only defeat.

After retiring from professional sports, he was from 2002 to 2004 the Argentine team boss Davis Cup team.

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