The Gutenberg Yearbook is regarded as one of the most important periodicals for letterpress history and science book. Since 1926, the yearbook of the Gutenberg Society, at that time, issued under Aloys Ruppel.

It is published annually in June, on the occasion of the General Assembly of the Gutenberg Society. The contributions will be published in German, English, French, Italian, Spanish and Latin.

Responsible for the publication of the respective Head of the Institute of Paper Science at the University of Mainz. Since 1994, this Stephan Füssel.


The year book deals mainly with the early pressure and the investigation of the life and work of Johannes Gutenberg. It also contains contributions to the history of printing, the library system, the book trade, publishing, writing, as well as typesetting and printing process, book illustration, book cover, newspaper and journalism and developments in new media and typography.

Historical Note

The Gutenberg -Jahrbuch was one of the few periodicals that could appear uncensored and continuous in the time of National Socialism, even though it had an "international " claim. Owed this was by stressing the German printing art and its German invention for one of a "neutral" representation that rubbed against any ideology, on the other, a subtle self-censorship. To date, there is no publication that would have dealt critically with the role of the Gutenberg Society and the appearance of this their Mitgliedsperiodikums under National Socialism.