Gutenburg, Switzerland

Gutenburg was until 31 December 2006, a municipality in the district of Aarwangen of the canton of Bern in Switzerland.

On 7 June 2006, the voters of Gutenburg have decided the union of their community with Madiswil. The merger to create new community Madiswil was completed on 1 January 2007.


Gutenburg located in the Upper Aargau in the Swiss Mittelland. The former municipality bordering on the municipalities Lotzwil and Madiswil.

The scattered settlement comprises several houses around a former tower on the Turmhubel.


1277 as Guotenberg first mentioned. In 1303, it was indeed besieged by Solothurn but not destroyed. After much back and forth it was sold in 1431 to Burgdorf. 1897 a merger with Lotzwil was rejected.

The communities Gutenburg and Madiswil have teamed up to early 2007, the new community Madiswil. The community meetings with both communities on 7 June 2006 have approved the merger. The Government of the Canton of Bern on June 15, 2006, I, the Great Council of the Canton of Bern, to approve the merger and the merger agreements.



2001/2002 was one of Gutenburg mere 12 jobs. Therefore, almost all ( 78.5 %) are employed commuters.