Guy Fletcher

Guy Fletcher ( born May 24, 1960 in Maidstone, Kent ) is an English musician who is best known for his collaboration with Mark Knopfler. He began his music career as a keyboard player and is now a multi-instrumentalist.


Guy Fletcher's parents were musicians and had in common with his uncle the band The cameos, so that he grew up in a musical environment. His first musical influences were the Beatles and Deep Purple. He learned as a teenager in the 1970s, playing the keyboards. He finished school at age 15 and was looking for a job in the music business.

Since 1983, he accompanied Mark Knopfler, first with Dire Straits and up to today in Knopfler's solo career.

Guy Fletcher is married to Lourie -Ann and has two children, Max and Leon.

Music career

In the 1970s, he learned to play keyboards. He then had already formed his own band Atlantis.

1981 Fletcher worked as a keyboard player with Roxy Music Avalon on tour.

In 1983 he first met Mark Knopfler. The first joint recordings can be found on Knopfler's film soundtrack for Cal. Knopfler invited him then to come across as second keyboardist Alan Clark in addition to his band Dire Straits. In this cast Dire Straits recorded their most successful album to " Brothers in Arms " and went 1985/86 world tour. Since Fletcher is on every album of Dire Straits and Mark Knopfler ( including various film soundtracks ) to hear. Also in Knopfler's side project, the Notting Hillbillies, he worked with.

1994/95 Fletcher toured again with Roxy Music.

He worked in his career and with other musicians like Jimmy Nail, Tina Turner, Willy DeVille, Chet Atkins, Mick Jagger or Randy Newman.

During his career as a musician Fletcher learned to play guitar except keyboards yet, ukulele, bass and drums. In addition, he is also active as a backing vocalist.


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