Gwen Torrence

Lenna Gwendolyn ( " Gwen " ) Torrence ( born June 12, 1965 in Decatur, Georgia) is an American track and field athlete and Olympic champion.


Torrence was born in Decatur, Georgia, attended Columbia High School and then the University of Georgia. In her career she has won in all major sporting events medals, such as the World Championships, the Pan American Games, the Goodwill Games, the World University Games and the Olympics.

The XXV. 1992 Summer Olympics in Barcelona, she won gold in the 200 - meter race before the two Jamaicans Juliet Cuthbert ( silver) and Merlene Ottey (Bronze ), a team gold medal in the 4 × 100 m relay with teammates Evelyn Ashford, Esther Jones and Carlette Guidry as well as a team silver medal in the 4 × 400 m relay with teammates Natasha Kaiser, Jearl Miles and Rochelle Stevens.

The XXVI. 1996 Summer Olympics in Atlanta, they could build on their successes of 1992 and won bronze in the 100 m race behind the US-American Gail Devers ( gold) and Jamaican Merlene Ottey of (silver). In addition, she won a team gold medal in the 4 × 100 m relay with teammates Gail Devers, Inger Miller and Chryste Gaines.

According to the National Indoor Championships in 1997, where she won the silver medal over 60 meters, she retired from active sports. Since then she works as a hairdresser. Torrence is married and has two children.