GX WebManager Community Edition

GX WebManager Community Edition is a proprietary product derived from WebManager content management system (CMS ) which has free access to the platform of the CMS allows a Software Development Kit (SDK).

The Community Edition contains a preconfigured website with examples and content. There are demo images and texts available that can be modified. The software allows the developers to install the complete package (including a database such as MySQL). The provided Application Programming Interfaces (APIs or application programming interfaces ) can be configured in its entirety and extend the functionality of the website. Furthermore, Eclipse can be used in an integrated development environment (IDE ) based on Java standards ( OSGi ), Spring MVC and. The software itself is based on open standards and technologies such as SOAP, Web Services, JSR 170/283, BPEL and XML.

Software overview

The software was mainly because known to support one of the first Java standard JSR 170.

Selected Properties

  • Strict separation of layout / design
  • Search engine optimization can generate human - and machine-readable URLs (eg for search engines)
  • Built-in full text search
  • Built-in caching mechanism ensure good performance and stability in the front end
  • Language settings (also multilingual sites ) with the help of location data
  • Connection to LDAP server / authentication can be integrated



  • The software is not recommended to edit images and graphics directly in the CMS
  • The Community Edition is available in English and Dutch for the backend.
  • Because of the license is currently only allowed the private use (it can be applied for a product key )

Developers can program new functions to perform and add them to the existing system as a separate or separate components. WCBS This can then be placed on a separate website other developers.

Jira support

Jira makes it possible to report bugs directly. These can then be viewed by all developers of the community.