Gyhum ( Low German: Jeem ) is a municipality in Lower Saxony Rotenburg (Wümme ) in the integrated municipality Zeven with approximately 2,400 inhabitants.

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Geographical Location

Gyhum located between the county town of Rotenburg ( Wümme) and the northern city of Zeven in Zevener Geest.

Community structure



On March 1, 1974, the municipalities Bockel, Hesedorf at Gyhum, Nartum and Wehldorf were incorporated.

Social facilities

The community is home to a nationally known clinic for rehabilitation.


Parish council

Since the local elections on 10 September 2006, the municipal council is composed as follows:

  • CDU: 6 Council members
  • SPD: 7 Council Members

Coat of arms

Blazon: In the green box, over black sign foot, increasing the shape of the holy Margaretha in silver with golden hair, golden crown and golden halo in a circle. In both hands holding a golden staff cross. In the black sign foot querrechtshin a reclining dragon.

Culture and sights

In Gyhum located with the St. Margaret church about a 1000 year old stone church.

Regular events

Every year on the first weekend in July, the three-day Gyhumer Schützenfest instead. In addition, the sports club, the volunteer fire department and the shooting club organized annually at an evening ball Wehldorf In the district there is the nightclub " Meyers Dance Palace ".

The Kempowski Foundation "House Kreienhoop " leads in the former home of the writer Walter Kempowski in Nartum regular concerts and literary afternoons.

Public institutions

In the village there is a branch of the Savings Bank, and a kindergarten. Gyhum also has a fire brigade, which is equipped with a Löschgruppenfahrzeug LF 8 /6 and a crew transport vehicle.


  • Walter Kempowski lived since 1965 in the district of Gyhumer Nartum.
  • Sara - Ruth Schumann ( born 1938 ), later Deputy. Chairman of the Jewish Community of Lower Saxony and chairman of the Jewish Community of Oldenburg / grew up in Bockel ( today part of Gyhum ) than Hedwig Abraham.


Gyhum lies next to Federal Highway 71, the Federal Highway 1 and on the today only served in freight rail line Bremervörde -Rotenburg (Wümme )