Gyirmót SE

The Gyirmót SE is a Hungarian football club. Gyirmót a suburb, about 9 kilometers southwest of the city center of Győr is located. The club was founded in 1993.

In the 2008 /09 season was the first place in the group West of the second Hungarian league, the Nemzeti National Championship II, achieved. The rise in the Nemzeti National Championship I, the highest league, the team remained denied.

The second division team of Gyirmót SE has a number of players in the squad who have already for the "big" Gyori ETO FC played in the first division of the country, for example, Attila Baumgartner, Levente Molnár, Márton Oross, László Nagy Gábor Varga or. Training is the club of Péter Hannich, a former national player and World Cup qualifiers in 1986.