Sansoni (full name: Gyldendal, Nordisk Forlag A / S) is Denmark 's oldest and largest publisher and publishes both modern and classic fiction. In addition, information and educational materials, children 's literature, picture books, technical books and manuals as well as electronic publications appear. The Group, headquartered in Copenhagen in 2009 had more than 500 employees and had a turnover of 905.6 million Danish kroner. Among the 2847 titles published were almost 1700 revisions. The directorate is today (2010) from Stig Andersen ( since 1999) and Bjarne Ponikowski ( since 2008).


18th and 19th centuries

Sansoni was founded in 1770 by Søren Sansoni, making it the oldest existing book publisher in Denmark. The father of the founder, the school caretaker Jens Mortensen, gave his 1742 born eldest son, not the last name Jensen, as it would have been common after the fashion of, but named it after the Sansoni ( " Golden Valley " ), the valley in Jutland Giver at Løgstør, which was the school of his father. Søren Sansoni bought the estate in 1787 Klareboderne 3 in Copenhagen, which is the seat of the publisher today. 1809, the company from the son of the founder, Jacob Deichmann ( 1788 to 1853 ) were adopted. 1850 was the publisher of this to his colleague Frederik V. Hegel, who promoted the modern fiction books,.

20th century

1903 united his son Jacob Hegel ( 1851-1918 ) Sansoni with the publisher Det Nordiske Forlag and formed the company under the new name Gyldendal, Nordisk Forlag to a public company. Since then, the constellation of the publisher Directorate changed. Frederik Hegel (1880-1961) joined in 1912, the third generation in the Board a.

Since 1906 was an offshoot in Norway as a separate division under the name Gyldendal Norsk Forlag in Kristiania, now Oslo. In 1922 the department was reorganized into an independent public company and in 1925 sold for 2.1 million kronor to a Norwegian company. Previously, the Norwegian bookseller had a nationwide boycott against Danish publishing house started because the Norwegian literary union with Denmark regarded as " national humiliation ". Was initiated the boycott, which lasted for months, on 29 February 1924 a press campaign and was directed against the Danish influence.

From 1940 to 1954 Ingeborg Andersen stood in front of the publisher. Her successor Knud W. Jensen acquired the majority of shares of Otto B. Lindhardt, Jokum Smith ( 1920-80 ) and Ole Wivel. 1958 Søren - Sansoni Award was introduced. The price with the name of the founding publisher is connected to a cash reward and is assigned by the publisher's own foundation Søren Sansoni Fonden to authors that stand out in the fiction or literature by special creative achievements. Since 1966 is the Book Club of Sansoni.

At the turn of 1998/99 Munksgaard Group sold a large part of their business to Sansoni, some of which were continued as a wholly owned subsidiaries of how publishers Rocinante Forlag, Høst & Sons Forlag and Hans Reitzels Forlag. In Haslev on the island of Zealand began in 1997 with the extension of storage and shipping facilities on 7,000 m². In connection with the subsequent relocation of the shipping department of Amager Haslev after the shipment with the graphics company Nordisk Bogproduktion A / S merged under the name Nordisk Bog Center A / S. The graphics division was sold in 2001, but sales continued under the same name.

21st Century

2001 Sansoni bought the remaining Danish -language publishing activities of Munksgaard group, which continue to operate as a subsidiary Munksgaard Danmark A / S. After the completed publication of the Encyclopedia Den Store Danske Encyklopædi in 2001 came on 1 February 2002, the company Danmarks Nationalleksikon A / S to Sansoni, where they formed a new division called Sansoni leksikon. From the desire to form larger units in the Group, merged in 2002, the daughter publishers Forlaget forum Samlerens Forlag, Forlaget Fremad, Høst & Sons Forlag and Rocinante Forlag and so formed the publishing group GB- Forlagene A / S. Five years later, in 2007, the name was changed to Rocinante & Co A / S. The daughter Publisher Tiderne Skifter was sold to the publisher Claus Clausen in the same year.

Sansoni acquired in 2004 significant portions of Gad Forlags and Forlaget Systime and Cicero 2006 / Chr. Erichsen's Forlag, which will be continued as an independent subsidiary. 2007 acquired Gyldendal the bookselling company Atheneum International Boghandel, especially to an internet bookstore to establish. They also bought 60 percent of the shares of the media group Krea, which specialized in computer-based teaching and Unterhhaltungsspiele for children and adolescents. In the same year Sansoni built in collaboration with the Danish Lawyers and Economists Association ( Danmarks Jurist -og Økonomforbund, short DJØF ) with the Nyt Yuri Disk Forlag a new legal publishing.

Early 2013 announced Sansoni at its Internet bookstores want to close due to the large competition and has instead bought shares of the Danish subsidiary of the Swedish streaming service Storytel to offer there audiobooks. Likewise, the special bookstores for textbooks will be closed in the fall. The book sale will take place on was in July 2010 owned by Sansoni.


The following subsidiaries are among Sansoni (in brackets the percentage ):

  • Anpartselskabet af 22 december 1982 ( 100%)
  • Atheneum Boghandel International A / S ( 100%)
  • Forlaget Cicero A / S ( 100%) originated in 1990 after the merger of the publishers Cicero and Chr Erichsen Forlag and are beautiful literature and cultural history books out.
  • Flexional APS ( 90%)
  • Forlaget Systime A / S ( 100%) developed educational material for the Danish education sector, especially in the digital domain.
  • A / S ( 100 % ) is a large Danish Internet bookstores.
  • Sansoni Akademisk A / S ( 100%) publishes studies and teaching materials for vocational education and training.
  • Krea Medie A / S ( 86.64 %) was founded in 2006 and specializes in computer-based teaching and amusement games for children and adolescents.
  • Nordisk Bog Center A / S ( 100%) devoted exclusively to the sale and service. Primary include booksellers customer group.
  • Rocinante & Co. A / S (100%)
  • Publizon A / S (60%)