Gyōda, Saitama

Gyoda (Japanese行 田 市, -shi ) is a Japanese city in northern Saitama Prefecture.


In the north of the Tone River forms the border with Gunma Prefecture.



Gyoda the castle stood Oshi - jo. Parts of it are on display in the museum. A wooden tower was built in 1987 again.

Gyoda is a collection of nine Kofun graves. These so-called Sakitama - Kofungruppe tombs date from the 5th to the 7th century.


Through the Manga Eki mae no Arukikata Shingo Morita, the so-called Gyoda no Fry became famous. They are similar to okonomiyaki.

Also, are offered in the city is often called Jelly Fry ( zerīfurai ). These are similar to known Korokke.


  • Street: National Road 17, according to Tōkyō or Niigata
  • National Road 125
  • JR Takasaki Line, Railway Station Gyoda, to Ueno or Takasaki
  • Chichibu Chichibu tetsudō Main Line, after Hanyū or Chichibu

Sons and daughters of the town

  • Hiroshi Mori (born 1958 ), astronomer

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