Gypsum (Colorado)

Eagle County


Gypsum is a city of Eagle County in the U.S. state of Colorado.


Gypsum is 439 ° 38'40 " north latitude and 106 ° 56'25 " west longitude. The nearest major town is Denver, which is located 150 kilometers to the east. The resort Vail is located in the East and is 50 kilometers away. Through the city leads the Interstate 70 highway.


The German William cut is regarded as the first settler, who settled in the area in 1881. Other settlers followed. After the Denver and Rio Grand Railroad led into the place, there were already 1888 a post office, various shops and stores as well as restaurants and saloons. The territory of the present-day city was popular because of its rich wildlife population. 1905 went even Theodore Roosevelt there to hunt. The city experienced the detection of gypsum deposits ( gypsum ) an upswing and the company Eagle Gypsum Limited (now American Gypsum ) began the product in surface ( open-pit mining) to promote. The discovery of gypsum gave the city its name, finally. Even today, the company American Gypsum is the main employer in the town.

Demographic data

In 2009 a population of 6299 persons was determined with a mean age of 30.3 years. Compared with 2000, there was an increase in population by 72.4 %. The proportion of the population with German ancestry is almost 20 %, which represents the largest group of the population.