Gyr (cattle)

The Gir or Gyr is one of the major Zebu breeds in India. It is used both for milk as well as for the production of meat. Locally it has been used for the improvement of other breeds, including Red Sindhi and Sahiwal. Girs were also one of the breeds that were used in the U.S. for the development of the Brahman. In Brazil and other South American countries the Gir is very commonly kept as it is resistant to very high temperatures and tropical diseases as Zeburasse. He is known for his milk production qualities and is often crossed with Holstein cows.

The Gir is distinctive in its appearance: It typically has a round and domed forehead, a long pendant ears and horns that are directed only to the rear and then turn upwards. Girs are usually mottled in color from red to white.

Originally Gir's coming from the area of the western Indian state of Gujarat and have spread to the neighboring states of Maharashtra and Rajasthan.

The cows weigh on average 385 kg and 130 cm high, the bulls 545 kg with 135 cm. The average milk production is 1590 kg per lactation, with a record production of 3182 kg at 4.5% fat.