Gyro Gearloose

Gyro Gearloose (English original name Gyro Gearloose ) is a cartoon character from Walt Disney, which was invented by Carl Barks and 1952 for the first time appeared in a comic book. He is an engineer by profession and inventor, where he is again his genius and his ingenuity to the test.

The alliteration " Gyro Gearloose " comes from the German translator Erika Fuchs, who thus alluded to her own husband, who also made ​​the well-known saying: " The Ingeniör is nothing to swear. " Original name of Gyro Gearloose is ambiguous - Gyro means roundabout Gearloose can be translated as idling or loose V-belts, but it is also as " loose gear " and thus as an allusion to the idiom to have a screw loose (Eng. " have a screw loose " ) are understood.


Gyro Gearloose first appears in May 1952 in a comic on, but a similar figure came in 1937 in a cartoon design of Interior Decorators ago. Barks contributed two designs for the film. A figure was at the time not used to Gus Goose, the other was, but later formed the basis for Gyro Gearloose. As for the story Barks An embarrassing revelation ( Gladstone's Terrible Secret ) a figure needed in Issue 140 of the series Walt Disney 's Comics and Stories, he had five images Gyro Gearloose hop over. Jet tried here to turn with just a Hüpfstelze and a belted churn, cream in butter.

1956 Gyro Gearloose was in a four-page story for the Uncle Scrooge books for the first time the main character. In 1962 he received its own book series, which was however quickly duplicated.

Barks said later: "If I had known that I would one day make its own booklet with jet - stories, I would have made him just about as big as Donald or Scrooge. Then he would have been easier to draw. He was a tall, lanky chicken bird not so simple could fit in the pictures with the ducks. "


Gyro Gearloose father called anchors jet ( Fulton Gearloose ) and resulted in Duckburg a small repair shop. His grandfather Dankwart jet ( Ratchet Gearloose ) was an inventor and how he was working at that time for Scrooge McDuck.

According to the stories of Don Rosa Gyro Gearloose was born 1914 in Duckburg.


Gyro Gearloose makes his inventions for the joy of work instead of financial interest and fit into the stereotype of the garage inventor. His inventions he often sold much below their value. He invented " useful " things like the bread lubricator, the dark light, the portable hole or the phone with a built- iron, but also can easily construct a superluminal fast space ship within a week and has, in this context, nor the existence of tachyons after. For Scrooge and Donald Duck - especially for his alter ego Phantomias - he always has the right invention, and when things are hooked something that helps him be less self-made and operative artificial intelligence robot helpers ( Little Helper or Helper only ).

Unlike Donald Duck or Uncle Scrooge the personality of Gyro Gearloose was clear from the beginning - a somewhat unworldly and scattered, but brilliant inventor whose machines and invention, however, often work differently than planned - he " always wants the, Good ', usually creates only evil. '" Another quote from him is: " better than well copied poorly built myself ."

The figure Gyro Gearloose reflects a little Carl Barks resist, would have liked to become an inventor. Initially, all came from Barks Gyro inventions.


The name Gyro Gearloose is now in German-speaking as a synonym for the brilliant, slightly scatterbrained inventor. For example, the Technical University of Hamburg -Harburg with the Association of German Engineers ( VDI) has announced a Daniel - jet competition, which awards a prize to schools annually.