Gyula Kautz

Julius Kautz ( born November 5, 1829 in Raab, † March 27, 1909 in Budapest) was a Hungarian economist.

Kautz studied in Pest and Leipzig, was first employed at the legal academy in Bratislava and Oradea, then at the newly organized Polytechnic furnace and 1862 as professor of political economy and constitutional law at the University of Pest. In 1883 he was appointed Deputy Governor of the Austro- Hungarian Bank, and finally to a lifelong member of the House of Lords.

As a writer, he made himself known by a larger Handbook of Economics and Finance ( 4th edition, Pest 1879), through a systematic textbook of statecraft ( 3rd Ed, Pest 1877) as well as through writing about the evolutionary history of economic ideas in Hungary ( in German excerpt from Schiller, Pest 1876), all awarded the grand prize of the Hungarian Academy.

In German language, he published the work of Theory and History of National Economics ( Vienna 1858-1860, two parts). Kautz, a full member of the Hungarian Academy and several learned societies, also took in the political life of his country a respected position. He was from 1865 to 1881 Member of his hometown in the Hungarian Parliament in 1867 he was Speaker of the compensation negotiations with Austria.