Gary Grice ( born August 22, 1966 in Brooklyn, New York) is an American rapper and a member and founder of the Wu -Tang Clan. Mainly he is known under the alias GZA the Genius.

Before the foundation of the Wu - Tang Clan, he released on Cold Chillin ' Records, the label of the former Juice Crew Marley Marl under management, his debut album, Words from the Genius. After the merger of the clan and applicable as a classic debut Enter the Wu -Tang (36 Chambers ) focused individual members on their solo albums. So even GZA, the contract signed with Geffen Records in 1995 and the album Liquid Swords brought out. It was almost exclusively produced by his cousin RZA. GZA is one of the most talented rappers and is like almost all the Wu members despite not so great mainstream success, a major figure in the U.S. hip-hop scene.

GZA, together with RZA and Bill Murray made ​​an appearance in the film Coffee and Cigarettes.


Note: albums that were released by the entire Wu -Tang Clan are not listed here.