H. Briggs

H. Briggs (born 19 century, † unknown, according to other sources J. Briggs ) was a British tennis player.


Briggs lived in the time of the first French tennis championship in Paris and a member of the club Stade Français. That's why he was discharged at the first time in 1891, at that time French national tennis championships (now the French Open ), participate in Paris. The occasion was a bet. The tournament then consisted of five participants, all of them amateurs, there were not admitted to the French Championships and 1934 professionals. All the matches of the tournament were held on a single day. Briggs won the final on a grass field, before a handful of spectators, in two sets ( 6-3, 6-3 ) against Frenchman P. Baigneres. Although about Briggs ' life nothing is known, Briggs went with it as the winner of the first tennis championships in France in the annals.

Gianni Clerici mentions in his book 500 years tennis that Briggs was one of the great models of the later French master Max Décugis.