H. H. Scott, Inc.

HH Scott ( or audio Scott) was an American manufacturer of high quality hi- fi systems and is considered a pioneer of Hi-Fi. Since 1985, the company is part of the Emerson Radio Corp..


Hermon Hosmer Scott founded 1946 HH Scott, Inc. The brand name was used for the delineation of EH Scott, " Scott Radio Company of Chicago ." A year later, Scott Dynaural preamplifier and the first hi-fi amplifier were presented. Scotts devices allowed the radio for the first time, with the Dynaural noise reduction on vinyl and tape music stored to transmit faithfully and almost noise-free. In 1952, HH Scott an integrated amplifier of the first so-called " slim line ", the TYPE 99 -A Scott, two years later, the world's first broadband tuner, FM and medium-wave followed (FM / AM). In 1958, the family stereo master was presented. Scott in 1966 was the first hi-fi manufacturer, which used transistors to FM tuners. Other innovative devices followed in the 1970s.

HH Scott, Inc. was founded in 1985 by the Emerson Radio Corp.. bought. 1999 acquired the Alfa Group, a Hong Kong-based industrial and financial company, the rights to use the brand Scott. As Tamashi the brand, it is distributed in Europe by SOCRIMEX mainly via the Metro AG.

In view of the high purchase price classic devices of HH Scott have already been rarely construction times and still achieve very high prices among collectors.