The H1ghlander is an unmanned vehicle ( land vehicle ). It was built by the Red Team from Carnegie Mellon University and is a heavily modified Hummer (built in 1999). 2005 participated in the DARPA Grand Challenge.

The sensors, which are used by H1ghlander are LIDAR units for audience measurement, a steerable LIDAR ( in the ball above the vehicle ), GPS and an inertial navigation system.

H1ghlander adopted on 8 October 2005 participated in the DARPA Grand Challenge, where he qualified for the pole position and the track managed 7 hours and 14 minutes. Thus, it was 3rd of the 5 vehicles that denied the 132 mile course. It was overtaken by Sandstorm, its sister vehicle, which reached the second place.

Cultural references

The Hummer was driven by Denzel Washington in the film Déjà Vu, was very similar to the H1ghlander. He also had the ball on the roof SICK laser sensors at the same position, a camera tube on one side of the vehicle and many other visual similarities. See also IMDB Trivia for Déjà Vu.