H2O (American band)


Toby Morse, singer of the band, was roadie for the hardcore band Sick Of It All. There was no opening act, so he played a few songs with others before the appearance of the group. Since the fans were thrilled by his singing, he was encouraged to start his own band. So he made up with guitarist Rusty Pistachio 1995 to search for other band members, who were found in the form of bass player Eric Thrice, drummer Todd Friend and Todd Morse, brother of Toby.

We went to the same shots in the studio and in 1996 was the self-titled debut album will be released. Thrice left a short time later, the band and was replaced by the British Adam Blake. Inspired by her first group of Epitaph Records was signed and in 1997 appeared with Thicker Than Water, the second work of the band. It was followed by a tour of the U.S. with the Misfits, Pennywise and The Mighty Mighty Bosstones.

Was published in 1999 with F.T.T.W. the next album the band recorded with Brett Gurewitz. And after the recording contract had expired with Epitaph, they switched to MCA. Here was released in 2001 Go, the fourth album of H2O. There followed a 18-month tour, which has been disputed, especially as support for Boxcar Racer. Then they decided to take a break and still released the All We Want EP which includes two live pieces of a home concert at the legendary CBGB.

In 2005 they went on tour again and worked intermittently on a new album, which was released in 2008 under the title Nothing to Prove. Meanwhile, the DVD was released in 2005 One Life One Chance.

Toby Morse is Straight Edge and advertises on its website and as a " keynote speaker ", for example in schools, for this lifestyle.



  • H2O (1996 )
  • F.T.T.W. (1999)
  • Go ( 2001)
  • Nothing to Prove (2008)
  • Do not Forget Your Roots ( 2011)
  • One Life One Chance (2005)


  • This Is The East Coast ...! Not LA! (Split with Dropkick Murphys ) (2000 )
  • All We Want (2002)


  • Seven Inch (1995 )
  • 94-95 Four Song Demo ( 1996)
  • Can not Get Off The Phone (1996 )
  • Ever Ready (1998)
  • H2O/CHH split (1998)
  • Old School Recess (1999)
  • It Was A Good Day (2001 )

Compilations with exclusive H2O songs

  • The World Still Will not Listen (1996 ) " Heaven Knows I Am Miserable Now"
  • Show & Tell (A Stormy Remembrance of TV Themes ) (1997 ) " Bad Boys ( Cops Theme) "
  • Anti Racist Action Benefit CD ( 1997) "Nazi Punks # # # # Off! "
  • Creepy Crawl Live (1997) " 5 Year Plan ( Live) - Here Today, Gone Tomorrow (Live)"
  • Fight The World Not Each Other - A Tribute To 7 Seconds (1999 ) "Not Just Boys Fun"
  • Short Music for Short People (1999) "Mr. Brett, Please Put Down Your Gun "
  • World Warped, Vol.3: Live (2000) "Faster Than The World ( Live)"
  • Punk uprisings Vol 2 (2000) "Universal Language ( Live)"
  • Warped Tour 2001 Compilation ( 2001) " Unwind "
  • Punk Rock Jukebox (2002 ) ' Friend ( early version ) "
  • Dive Into Disney ( 2002) " It's A Small World "