Haabersti is a district of the Estonian capital Tallinn.


Haabersti lies in the west of Tallinn on the Baltic coast. The district has an area of 18.6 km ². 39 587 people live in it (as of 1 January 2008).

Haabersti divided into twelve neighborhood districts: Astangu, Haabersti, Kakumäe, Mustjõe, Mäeküla, Õismäe, Pikaliiva, Rocca al Mare, Tiskre, Väike- Õismäe, Veskimetsa and Vismeistri. In the area is also the Harku Lake.

The population is mixed in roughly equal proportions Estonian or Russian-speaking ( 50.2 % Estonian, Russian 47.3% ). The share of Russian-speaking population is very high especially in the built during the Soviet era residential neighborhoods with large prefabricated as Väike- Õismäe and Astangu. In marked by detached obstruction districts as Kakumäe, Vismeistri or Tiskre however, dominate the ethnic Estonians.

In Haabersti houses the Estonian Open Air Museum ( Eesti Estonian Open Air Museum ) with its wide ethnographic museum of farm Estonian building and working equipment, the Tallinn Zoo, and the multi-functional hall Saku Suurhall.