Habichtswald, Hesse

The community Hawk Forest is located in Northern Hesse.

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The community Hawk Forest is located in the Natural Park hawk forest about 10 kilometers ( air line) west of Kassel, north of vinegar hill (about 597.5 m above sea level. NN ), south of the High Dornberg ( 578.7 m) and south-east of the Great Bear Mountain (600, 7 m). The western municipality is crossed by the heat and the northern tributary of deseen Lubach.

Neighboring communities

Hawk forest borders in the north on the town Zierenberg and the community Ahnatal (both in Kassel), to the east by the county-level city of Kassel, in the south on the community looking castle, and in the west to the cities Zierenberg and Wolf Hagen (all in the district of Kassel).


  • Dörnberg (335 m above sea level. NN )
  • Ehlen (330 m) with good Bodenhausen (310 m)


Both districts were mentioned in 1074 in a deed of the monastery Hasungen first time.

As part of the municipal reform in Hesse is Dörnberg and Ehlen joined at 31 December 1971 together with the new community forest hawk.


Municipal council

The municipal election held 27 March 2011 yielded the following results:


The community forest hawk maintains partnership relations with

  • Solt in Hungary since 2001.