Habitual residence

A home address is the mailing address of a dwelling in which a person resides permanently. This may be the main or the secondary residence.

A home address is usually from the State the street, house number, the place and the country. In rural communities without street names of the town name and a house number is specified. To some extent, also the apartment or room number or the floor, stated that part of the building (eg the rear building ) or a sublease ( " on " or "c / o "). Especially in Vienna, in the case of apartment buildings with multiple inputs ( " stairs "), but with the same house number and an indication of the number Stieg usual. For sending mail, postal address includes the postal code and, optionally, the town or district. The increasing adoption of location information into the online system and the processing with suitable software, the importance of georeferenzierbaren addresses.

"When you address usually referred to the combination of street name, house number and postcode. In addition to locations such as localized for the delivery of letters. In Berlin surveying one speaks not officially of house numbers but on property numbers, as well as undeveloped land must be localized. The issuance of land assigned by the district's survey offices is regulated in the Numbering Ordinance. To ( etc. district, district) To assign individual statistical data resources specific rooms, was the official statistics Berlin early to systematize the Berlin address databases and spatial units the request. "

If the home address in a settlement, it can be called with the house number instead of the street address and name of the settlement. The address form may be different than stating the place of residence or the accessibility as mail recipient.

In Germany and Austria must be reported. In addition, the German § 111 determines OWiG that a citizen against official authorized persons must make for an indication of his residential address.