The Oat Mountain in northern Hesse and southern Lower Saxony district of Kassel, Göttingen district is 580.4 m above sea level. NN high hill of Kaufunger forest and the highest in Lower Saxony's Park Munden.

Geographical location

The Oat Mountain is located 1.25 km north-west of the mountain pass Umschwang, approximately 4.5 km east of Nieste and less than 4 km (as the crow flies) west of Kleinalmerode.

Northern Hesse is located on the winding in the area of ​​forested mountain oat border in the northeast and southern Lower Saxony in the west. Along this border is also a part of the border of the nature park Meissner Kaufunger forest runs (Hessen) to the Natural Park Munden ( Lower Saxony), with its tip with the approximately 40 m west of these limits foot summit belongs to the latter Natural Park.

Nature Spatial allocation

The Haferberg heard in the physiographic feature unit group Osthessisches Bergland (No. 35) and in the main unit Fulda- Werra- Bergland ( 357) to the natural areas Kaufunger Forest Plateau ( Front Kaufunger Forest) ( 357.71 ) in the west and Rear Kaufunger Forest ( 357.72 ) in the east; the border of both the subunit Kaufunger forest and Söhre ( 357.7 ) belonging to natural areas extending approximately over the summit.


The Oat Mountain is located on the watershed between the rivers Fulda and Werra in the West in the North East: On the north flank of Mount Rautenbach and southeast rises near the Umschwang hunger homes Bach, representing the Western Werra inflows. Southeast of the mountain and near the springs of the Umschwangs Wenge creek and west of the Endschlagbach as an eastern or northern tributary of the Fulda influx Nieste.


You can reach the Haferberg, lead to the no roads, for example, during the Umschwang (446 m above sea level. NN ) beginning hiking on the Mother Hulda path leading over his brow. Southeast and thus rises beyond the passport of erwanderbare on this path Bergmühle stone ( 607.2 m above sea level. NN ).