Hagerstown (Maryland)

Washington County


Hagerstown to Rockville is the sixth largest city in the U.S. state of Maryland, United States. 2010, the city had 39,662 inhabitants, making it even larger than the state capital of Annapolis. Hagerstown since 1952 is twinned with Wesel on the Lower Rhine.

In Hagerstown, the Piedmont Airlines and the Crawford Automobile Company were established.

Neighboring towns

The City of Hagerstown is bordered to the south by the cities of Williamsport on the Potomac River. Hagerstown is part & administrative seat of Washington County. Larger neighboring cities are Frederick ( Maryland), Baltimore and Washington DC


The Hagerstown Roundhouse Museum is a railway museum in Hagerstown.


The City of Hagerstown is well served by Interstate 70 and Interstate 81 to the road network. Through the Western Maryland Railway Hagerstown was connected to the railway network.


In Hagerstown following personalities were born:

  • William B. Rochester (1789-1838), American lawyer, judge and politician
  • Louis E. McComas (1846-1907), American politician ( Republican Party ), Member of Congress
  • William Preston Lane (1892-1967), American politician (Democratic Party), Governor of Maryland
  • Dennis Scott ( born 1968 ), American basketball player
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