Hahle (Rhume)


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The Hahle is a left tributary of the Rhume in Thuringia and Lower Saxony.


The Hahle originates in Thuringia in the western city of Worbis, about 800 meters from the Wipper source. It flows through the towns of Ferna and Teistungen, the border happens to Lower Saxony and reached Gerblingerode. The Hahle now runs through Duderstadt, the B crosses under 446 and flows through Mingerode, Oberfeld and Rollshausen. In Gieboldehausen the Hahle crosses under the B247 and B27, takes the wallow and flows north- west of the town in the Rhume.


  • Hesse trench ( left)
  • Katharine (right)
  • Reese (left)
  • Oak ( right)
  • Oak ( left)
  • Basic cell (right)
  • Siebig (right)
  • Muse ( left)
  • Sand water (right)
  • Sülbig (right)
  • Betzelföhrbeek (right)
  • Nathe (left)
  • Hörgraben (left)
  • Wallow (left)