Hai Lung-class submarine

Since 1987

Immersed in 2645 tons standard

66.9 m

8.4 m

6.7 m


Diesel electric, one shaft

About 20 knots

6 x 533 mm torpedo tubes

The Hai Lung class is a submarine class of the Navy of the Republic of China.


The Taiwan government ordered in 1981 two submarines in the Netherlands. This should essentially on the Dutch Zwaardvis class based, in turn, had a copy of the American Barbel class. Both boats, called Hai Lung ( Sea Dragon ) and Chien Lung ( Sea Tigers ) were placed in December 1982 at Wilton Fijenoord in Schiedam, Netherlands to Kiel. According to financial problems of shipyard construction only began in 1983. Late 1986 both ran boats from the stack and were brought to Taiwan after test drives in the North Sea by ship. There the boats were put into service in 1987 and 1988.

1992 refused the Netherlands the construction and sale of two other boats of the class plus two options after the People's Republic of China had protested against the business.