Half Ammer below the bridge at Unternogg

The half Ammer is a about 6.3 km long left tributary of the river Ammer in Bavaria. It arises from the confluence of the White and Bayer Bach Bach in the Ammer Mountains.



The White creek originates on the Niederbleick ( 1,589 m). It first flows in southeast direction. At Jager stitch it bends to the east and takes the Klammbach on. The Weissbach is the longer and richer water source Bach 4.64 km.

Its tributaries are:

  • Müller trench ( left)
  • Mark trench ( right)
  • Pfaffengraben (left)
  • Glienicke Gert trench ( right)
  • Klammbach (right)

The 4.27 km long Bayer creek rises at the foot of the gorge peak ( 1,924 m). It flows north past below the Mardersteig service hut and takes the Eschenbach ( moat ) on. Right on the border of Swabia and Upper Bavaria, he joins the White creek at half Ammer.


After the union of the streams, the half bunting the north flows through the narrow half Ammer Gorge to Unternogg. There it flows under the Ammer channel through and eventually leads northwest of Altenau in the Ammer.


  • Weissbach (left source Bach)
  • Bayer Bach (right source Bach)
  • Hengstbach (right)
  • Rehgraben (left)
  • Kohlgraben (left)
  • Rubbed trench ( left)
  • Trögellahnegraben (right)
  • Leimbach (left)