Halberstadt (district)

The district of Halberstadt was a district in the west of Saxony- Anhalt. On July 1, 2007, he went on in the new district of Harz. Neighboring districts were the Lower Saxon counties Wolfenbüttel and Helmstedt and Bördekreis, in the southeastern district of Quedlinburg, in the south of the district of Wernigerode and west of the district of Goslar in Lower Saxony in the north.

  • 5.1 Changes to Management Communities
  • 5.2 Changes at the community level
  • 5.3 Name Change


The Prussian district of Halberstadt

The first circle Halberstadt existed from 1825 to 1932 in Magdeburg Region of the Prussian Province of Saxony. The circle was formed to January 1, 1825 from a part of the dissolved district Osterwieck, the city of Halberstadt and nine municipalities of the Oschersleben. 1891 separated the city of Halberstadt from the city circle out of the circle. The remaining district was called since then the district of Halberstadt. It was dissolved in the Prussian district reform in 1932 and incorporated into the district of Wernigerode.

The district of Halberstadt had on December 1, 1910 39 392 inhabitants in an area of 433 km ².

The circle Halberstadt in the GDR

For July 25, 1952 a new circle of Halberstadt from the urban district of Halberstadt and from parts of the counties Oschersleben and Wernigerode was formed in the GDR. The circle was assigned to the district of Magdeburg.

The district of Halberstadt in Saxony -Anhalt

After the reunification belonged to the now re- designated as a county Halberstadt circle to Magdeburg Region of Saxony -Anhalt. On 1 July 2007 he went as part of the district reform in Saxony- Anhalt, together with the district of Quedlinburg and Wernigerode in the district of Harz.

District administrators

Coat of arms

Blazon: " Divided by silver and red "

Approval: July 20, 1995

Cities and Towns

(Population at 31 December 2006)

Unit communities

Management communities with their member communities

* Office of the Management Community

  • 2 Management Community Harz foreland -Huy
  • 3 Management Community Osterwieck Fallstein

Territorial changes

Since 1995, many territorial changes took place in the district of Halberstadt.

Of the original 7 -governing communities were still 3 -governing communities in the dissolution of the district. At the same time, the number of municipalities decreased from 43 to 21

Administration changes Communities

  • Resolution of the administrative community Halberstadt - Integration of Sargstedt in the administrative community Harz foreland -Huy and formation of the unified community Halberstadt ( 1 January 1997)
  • Resolution of the administrative community Huy - formation of the unified community Huy from the member municipalities (1st April 2002)
  • Resolution of the administrative community Aue- Fallstein - formation of the unified community Aue- case stone from the member municipalities (11 September 2003)
  • Merger of the administrative community Osterwieck with the community Aue- Fallstein - formation of the joint management Osterwieck Fallstein (1 January 2005 )
  • Merger of the administrative Communities Schwanebeck and Lower Bode - formation of the joint management Bode Holtemme (1 January 2005 )

Changes at the community level

  • Resolution of the municipality Emersleben - incorporation to Halberstadt (1 May 1995)
  • Resolution of the community Small Quenstedt - incorporation to Halberstadt ( 1 January 1996)
  • Resolution of the municipality Rodersdorf - incorporation to ways of life (1 May 2001)

Name Change

  • From Osterode to Osterode am Fallstein (1 January 1998 )