Halfdan Rasmussen

Halfdan Rasmussen ( born January 29, 1915 in Copenhagen, † 2 March 2002) was a Danish poet and resistance fighter.


Rasmussen was a resistance fighter against the German occupation during the Second World War. In 1958 he was awarded the Danish literary award De gyldne Laurbær for his collection of poems, " torso ", which developed while traveling through Greece. He became famous through his poems during the German occupation until 1945. His poems are strongly anti-militarist and caricature drawn naively expressive. The grotesque and comical way it defused the disaster. The poems were illegally printed distribution. Later, his language games found by short rhymes broad impact in the so-called nonsense - book literature.



One of his poems " Ikke Bødlen " was honored on a 1979 Amnesty International published book on human rights. The opening lines found in a song by Roger Waters entrance: "Each Small Candle".