Halil Mutlu

Halil Mutlu (born 14 July 1973 in Postnik in Kardzhali, Bulgaria Huben Hubenov ) is a former Turkish weightlifter and three -time Olympic champion.

Sporting career

Mutlu won in his career, three Olympic Games, five World Championships and nine European championships. In addition, he set 21 world records.

Mutlu began his international career as a weightlifter at the European Championships in 1990 in Aalborg in the 52 kg category. With a capacity of 230 kg ( 102.5 kg / 127.5 kg ) placed the then 16 -year-old in fourth place. The winner was Ivan Ivanov with 265.0 kg. Just one year later he could with 240 kg in the total consisting of 105 kg in the snatch and 135 kg in the Put, winning three bronze medals at the European Championships in Wladyslowo. When he took five days later to his first Junior World Championship, he was able to secure the same ripping power silver. 127.5 kg in the jerk and thus 232.5 kg in a duel but he only reached the fourth place, respectively.

1992 Mutlu denied his first Olympic Games. Although he with 247.5 kg (110 kg / 137.5 kg ) finished in third place already at the European Championships in Hungary and at the Junior World Championships in Varna at 250 kg ( 112.5 kg / 137.5 kg ) of silver finished, submitted his capacity of 247.5 kg in Barcelona only for fifth place. The winner was again Ivanov from Bulgaria. With the same power, however, he won his first three international gold medals at the European Junior Championships in Cardiff.

With the weight class change 1993 Mutlu competed in the class up to 54 kg and increased enormously. Just six months after Cardiff he won the Junior World Championships in Cheb 275 kg in the total ( 122.5 kg / 152.5 kg ). Second was due to the higher body weight of the Bulgarian Sewdalin Mintschew with the same performance. However, for assets Championships in Melbourne to Mutlu had to like power a second time Ivan Ivanov defeated, who scored 277.5 kg.

In the following years, Mutlu won, with the exception of the World Cup in China in 1995, every European and World championship in which he participated. The 1996 Olympic Games in Atlanta he won with 287.5 kg for this time. Mutlu had increased in this period, at times up to 290 kg ( 1994 World Cup in Istanbul).

In 1998, the flyweight was abolished and he moved to bantamweight to 56 kg, and where he continued his winning streak. For a large part of his competitions, he was superior to his opponents so that he either did not took his third puncture test or set up only to set a new world record.

The 2000 Olympics in Sydney he won superior to 305 kg in the three world records and 17.5 kg Distance to the runner-up.

After he took part because of injuries to any international competitions in 2002, he started for the 2003 European Championship in Loutraki and the World Cup in Vancouver in the class up to 62 kg, which he both won with 320 kg and 322.5 kg. However, at the 2004 Olympics, he stepped back to bantamweight to 56 kg, and won here his third Olympic gold medal with 295.0 kg in the total.

In 2005 he came again to the European Championships in Sofia in the class to 62 kg and won with 307.5 kg of gold. In the same year he was banned for two years by the IMF after could be detected in a drug test Nandrolone him. Mutlu himself denied that this was done knowingly.

In 2008, he attempted a comeback to win the only weightlifter four Olympic Games. After he was able to bring only two valid trials at the European Championships in Lignano, however, and 269 kg in the far remained below expectations, he did not, despite the European Champion title part in Beijing, where he would have had no chance of victory with this performance.


  • Born in Bulgaria, Mutlu, like his team-mate Naim Süleymanoğlu, belonged to the Turkish minority and migrated to Turkey from.
  • Mutlu is one of the few weightlifters who have met her three times body weight.
  • Similarly Süleymanoğlu, the "Pocket Hercules" has also received Mutlu during his career nickname. The best known are "Little Dynamo" and following his example "Little Naim ".

Personal best

  • Tear: 147.5 kg at the 2003 World Championships in Vancouver in the class to 62 kg.
  • Launched: 175 kg at the 2003 European Championship in Loutraki in the class to 62 kg.
  • Duel: 322.5 kg at the 2003 World Championships in Vancouver in the class to 62 kg.