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Halsa is a commune in the Norwegian province (county ) Møre og Romsdal. Halsa achieved fame, who went after his release there by the whale Keiko.

Geography and transport

Neighboring municipalities of Halsa are (clockwise) Aure, Hemne, Surnadal and Ting full.

Most important transport connection is the European route 39, which connects with Halsa Trondheim, and the ferry to Kanestraum in the community Tingvoll. From there, the E39 continues to Kristiansund.


Halsa Kirke

The Church of Halsa was built in 1724.

Norsk Geitbåtmuseum

The Geitbåt (goat boat) was up in the 1930s in the region of Møre popular boat shape. In Geitbåtmuseum they are built today and shown.