Halvard Hanevold

Halvard Hanevold ( born December 3, 1969 in Askim, Norway ) is a former Norwegian biathlete and Olympic champion in biathlon.

Halvard Hanevold starts for the Asker Skiklubb. After some initial difficulties, he benefited from the radical rejuvenation of the Norwegian team in winter 1994. 's Success at the Olympic Games in 1994 in Lillehammer, although still remained, but the Norwegian team management building upon the youth to which, among other things, Ole Einar Bjørndalen belonged. 1995 Hanevold celebrated his first World Championship title in the now defunct team competition (together with Frode Andresen, Bjørn Dag Dalen and Jon Åge Tyldum ). He rose further and is always in the top 30 athletes since 1996 in the World Cup, twice he finished the season in fourth place.

In early 1998, he celebrated his first World Cup victory in Anterselva, two months later Hanevold surprisingly won in Nagano Olympic gold in an individual over 20 km, where he could let the Italians Pieralberto Carrara behind him on the final lap. A week later, winning the silver medal in the relay followed. The successful season was completed by the World Title in the team competition. From 1998 to 2000 Hanevold get five more World Cup victories. In 2002 he won the Olympic Gold Season again, but his next single victory was only at the Biathlon World Championships 2003 in Khanty -Mansiysk, where he won over 20 km of gold in singles.

In the following season he won in two consecutive races, reached five podiums and also won at the Biathlon World Championships 2004 silver team. In the Biathlon World Championships 2005 in Hochfilzen, Austria, he added to his long list of successes another title in the season (along with Ole Einar Bjørndalen Stian Eckhoff and Egil Gjelland ) added. At the 2006 Olympics in Turin, he won bronze in the individual 20km and silver in the sprint over 10 km. At the World Cup 2008 in Östersund (SWE ) he could win the silver medal over 10 km. He was vice-champion behind the Russians Maxim Chudov and before his teammate Ole Einar Bjørndalen. With the Norwegian season Halvard Hanevold won silver. Also in the 2009 World Cup in South Korean Pyeongchang the Norwegians managed to climb onto the podium. With the season he won his fifth world title in the sprint race he ran to the bronze medal behind Bjørndalen and Lars Berger. At the end of his career Halvard Hanevold again won Olympic gold with the Norwegian relay at the Olympic Winter Games 2010.

Hanevold is also several Norwegian champion and won with the season of Oslo & Akershus the last six NM decisions.

A graduate in mechanical engineer Halvard Hanevold lived until 2005 with the German biathlete Sabrina Buchholz together. Currently, he is romantically involved with Canadian Sandra Keith. He is also ambassador athletes of development aid organization Right to Play.

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