Hamburger RC

The Hamburg Rugby Club (short HRC) is a mainly active in rugby sports club from the district of Hamburg Barmbek.


The club has about 200 members in the departments Rugby ( Men, Youth and Old Boys) and boules. The games of the first men's team in the first Rugby League ( Division North ) find in the rugby arena at Saarlandstrasse in Winterhude instead, the games of the second team on Barmwisch in Wandsbek. The club house is located in the street Imstedt 6 in Barmbek -south.


The Hamburg Rugby Club was founded on June 6, 1950 by the journalist Emil Creydt, the Linden 05 began his athletic career in the rugby stronghold of Hanover and 1928 moved for professional reasons to Hamburg. After the establishment of the HRC held Creydt from 1953 the 1st Chairman of the newly founded Hamburg Rugby Association. The founding members were next to the HRC FC St. Pauli, Hamburg SV, the sports association police, ASK, ETV, 93 Altona, SV St. George, spruce long horn and the Uhlenhorster Hockey Club. Emil Creydt was also for many years the second chairman of the German Rugby Federation.

The Fifties were particularly difficult for the HRC. In 1958, when some club members after wrangling the HRC left and under the name Wandsbeker RC established a new rugby club, stood on the brink of the HRC. But the Wandsbeker RC could not talk and was disbanded after a short time. There were not only the " apostates " back to the HRC, but also some new players, so emerge from the crisis of the HRC came and was able to establish itself in the sixties final in Hamburg's rugby scene.

Nevertheless, the end of the HRC would be 1969 because of falling membership numbers almost been decided. At an extraordinary general meeting, some members of the association's board requested the resolution of the HRC in order to join the SC Urania of Hamburg. But the active players pitting themselves successfully against this plan and this crisis situation ultimately strengthened the cohesion of the club.

The March 1975 was a turning point in the history of the HRC. Founder Emil Creydt died on March 20 at the age of 74 years. In the same month, the HRC moved into its new club house in Barmbek -south. The sporty breakthrough came in the 1981 season / 82nd Reinforced by former Bundesliga player won the HRC for the first time his own Siebenerturnier and also was Hamburg Masters. The membership grew to 138 in 1984. 1986 was followed by the second hamburger championship. There were team traveling to France, Portugal, Denmark and the Czech Republic.

Sporting the club came in 1989 in the German Rugby Cup semi-finals in 1991 and 1992 quarter-finals. In addition, the HRC took part in the qualifying part of the first rugby league. The newly formed Northern League Cup could win the HRC in 1994 and 1995. After the relegation followed in the Regionalliga. From the late 1990s, the HRC played to qualify for the second rugby league. Since 1998, the HRC was playing in the second highest German rugby league from which the team in 2005 descent into Regionalliga Nord, in 2006 managed to rise again in the 2nd Rugby - Bundesliga North.

The most famous player of the HRC are Lukas Hinds - Johnson, National Player of the DRV- choice and now for the RK 03 Berlin on ball Former HRC actor Ferdinand Richter played for the espoir Stade Toulouse and for the French club Blagnac Sporting Club Rugby. Together with his younger brother Valentin Richter ( Ex - Captain of the Hamburg RC) he ran for the Austrian national team.