Hamid Beik Frangieh

Hamid Frangieh ( Frangié ) ( born August 6, 1907 † 5 September 1981) was a Lebanese Christian Maronite politicians, international lawyer, diplomat and statesman, and one of the fathers of the independence of the Republic of Lebanon. Member of one of the most powerful traditional family clans in northern Lebanon ( Zghorta ), he has already been elected in 1932 as the 25 -year-old under the French mandate power in the Lebanese parliament, where he remained until his serious illness in 1957 without interruption. He has held several ministerial posts and was in particular from 1945 to 1949 Minister of Foreign Affairs.

Under the government of the pro-western President Camille Chamoun, which he had just defeated in the presidential election, Hamid Frangieh brought within the Christian camp at the Pan-Arab oriented and sympathizing with the Nasserist opposition. After a brain hemorrhage he had to retire from political life. His parliamentary seat fell then to his younger brother, Suleiman Frangieh, who was several times minister and 1970-1976 Lebanese president. Hamid Frangiehs sons are the sociologist and author Samir Frangieh and the political scientist and philosopher Nabil Frangieh.

  • Minister of Foreign Affairs (Lebanon)
  • Member of Parliament (Lebanon)
  • Lebanese
  • Born 1907
  • Died in 1981
  • Man