Hamilton (Bermuda)

Hamilton (area 0.7 km ² ) is the capital of Bermuda, a group of islands in the North Atlantic, the part of the United Kingdom. Hamilton has 1012 inhabitants. About 40 percent of the working population in Bermuda have their jobs in Hamilton, so that daily commute around 13,340 people in the city.


1790 Bermuda Government decided to provide 587,000 m² for the construction of the city. The city was founded in 1793 and named after the Governor, Sir Henry Hamilton. 1815 Hamilton the capital of Bermuda, prompting the town of Saint George's, located in the northeast of the island group off.

In the last two decades, the city changed significantly. The number of office space doubled and accordingly increased the number of jobs. Nevertheless, the population fell by about a third.


Hamilton is located on the east side of the Great Sunde and is surrounded on the land side completely from Pembroke Parish. There is no direct connection to the northern Hamilton Parish.

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