Hammarby IF Handboll

Hammarby IF HK is a Swedish handball club from the district of Hammarby Stockholm. The club was founded in 1939 is the handball division of the club Hammarby IF.

The first men's team plays in the highest Swedish league, the Elitserien i handboll promote herrar and was in the years 2006, 2007 and 2008 Swedish champion.

Players and coaches

2009/2010 season

The squad, coached by Staffan Olsson first men's team consists of: Michael Åström, Robin Hallberg, Carl Vedin, Johan Pilfalk, Patrik Johansson, Johan Henricsson, Adam Johansson, Fredrik Creutz, Daniel Båverud, Nils Pettersson, Joseph Pujol, Martin Dolk, Jimmy Karlsson, Albin Tingsvall, Jens Eriksson, Emil Eriksson, Fredric Pettersson and Erik Höglund.

Former Players

Among the well-known players of the club include Staffan Olsson, Lukas Karlsson, Tobias Karlsson, Nicklas Grundsten and Michael Apelgren.