Handa, Aichi

Handa (Japanese半 田 市, -shi) is a coastal city in Aichi Prefecture, about 40 kilometers south of Nagoya, located on Honshu, the main island of Japan, between the Mikawa Bay and Ise Bay. It is an important commercial center, with shipbuilding as a major industry.


The city Handa was on October 1, 1937 the municipalities Handa, Kamezaki (亀 崎) and Narawa (成岩) was founded. Since the establishment of the city by two major earthquakes, a typhoon and a flood was haunted.

Famous people

  • The writer Nankichi Niimi was born in 1913 in Handa.
  • Satoru Akahori ( writer )


  • Train: JR Taketoyo- line
  • National Road 247.366

Twin Cities

Adjacent Cities and Towns

  • Takahama
  • Tokoname
  • Hekinan