The Trade Organisation (HO ) was a run in the legal form of popular government property retail companies in the GDR.

The HO was founded in 1948 and offered initially preferred long lacked consumer goods and food without food brands. 2300 HO stores generated in 1950 about 26 % of retail sales in the GDR. By 1960, there were 35,000 transactions with a share of over 37%.

The trade organization was divided into the areas of industrial goods, food, restaurants, department stores and hotels. The big Centrum department stores there were many regional cities of the GDR. The shops and department stores in the HO existed alongside those of the consumption chain. Since these were conducted cooperative and no state operation were like the HO was particularly trying in the early years of the GDR from the government, to favor the HO. Nevertheless, both established in parallel in the everyday world of the GDR.

A peculiar feature is the HO for bismuth, specifically established in the uranium mining areas of the GDR. In Leipzig in 1961 opened the HO- chess center, which mainly selling chess articles and also the eleventh World Chess Champion Bobby Fischer was one of his customers.

The retail organization operating additional hotels such as the Hotel Neptun in Warnemünde. After the reunification in 1989 and 1990, the business was sold by the Treuhand.

The HO excise tax was the price premium over farmed goods for which there was a double price level, equal to the difference between the price of rationed goods and the HO- price. Through the production of a uniform price level at the abolition of food stamps in 1958 she came mostly to the elimination, but was charged for coals in the public and private trade until 1990.

A special feature was the HO- special trade, the high-quality goods, also resulted from import or licensed production and selling facilities were open only for special groups of people. For the staff of the special trade there was internal " Dresdner commodity" called quality goods quotas in particular from the food sector, which at normal prices (not Delicacy prices) were sold. The special trade also supplied the " Speztorg " stores. The sales stands in the NVA were performed under the symbol MHO ( Military Trade Organization ). Since 1987, the Special Trade has operated under a special trade VEB diving.


HO department store in Berlin ( 1949)

HO- Grocery Store ( 1950)

HO- store Schmiedefeld