Hanging Up

  • Meg Ryan: Eve Mozell Marks
  • Diane Keaton: Georgia Mozell
  • Lisa Kudrow: Maddy Mozell
  • Walter Matthau: Lou Mozell
  • Adam Arkin: Joe Marks
  • Shaun Duke: Dr. Omar Kunundar

Hook is an American feature film from the year 2000 and deals with the last days of three daughters and her memories on her terminally ill father's bedside.


Eve, the owner of a small event agency and one son, caused after visiting her father in the hospital in an accident with slight fender bender. From this point, it's in their lives topsy-turvy: her husband is away on business, she organized a reception at President Nixon Museum, her sister Maddy abused than dogs nurse and the way she cares for her terminally ill father, who was still is not about the separation from his wife away. Then Eve is visiting her mother, only to find that no longer is interested in this for their daughters. In flashbacks and calls the relationship of Eve to her two sisters and her father is worked out. When Eve tells her father, her mother was dead, he says, he would have won.

During the celebration of the five-year anniversary of her magazine Georgia talks about her father, but she does not mention that Eve bears the burden of care. The sisters argue. You are called to the hospital as Lou falls into a coma. First, they argue further, then they get on. You puzzle over an actress from the 1950s. Lou suddenly says the name and dies.

In the final scene, the sisters prepare together the feast. Eve remembers her childhood, which is shown in flashbacks.


  • Epd Film 5/2000: As always, Delia and Nora Ephron have also eavesdropped this comedy spirit of the time, they take on their loose easy way, with a sympathetic wink and mild sharpness targeted.
  • Filmdienst 10/2000: Failed blend of comedy and melodrama that gives away the theme of human finitude of sentimental effects and a ponderous drama.


Lisa Kudrow won the 2000 Teen Choice Award.


The performer terminally ill father, Walter Matthau, died shortly after the completion of filming.