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Hank Brian Marvin ( born October 28, 1941 in Newcastle upon Tyne; bourgeois Brian Robson Rankin ) is an English guitarist and songwriter.

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Hank Marvin is one of the most influential guitarists of the 1960s and 1970s. He is best known as the guitarist of the band by Cliff Richard, The Shadows (previously " The Drifters " called themselves ). After the start of career with the Shadows 1959, Marvin turned a solo career in 1969 and brought out a plate on which he sang and played guitar. In 1971, he took along with his former Shadows bandmate Bruce Welch and John Farrar as " Marvin, Welch and Farrar " two albums (later a LP followed in a duo with Farrar ).

1970 four guitars to him were stolen after a concert in Paris, including two Burns Marvin ( one white and one Greensunburst ), and one each Doublesix Burns and Baldwin Marvin. These instruments have been lost since then. Shocked by this " experience " he asked Bruce Welch, to ask him the time used Fender Stratocaster with the number 36346 at least on loan until the end of the tour available.

1973 Marvin was a member of the Jehovah's Witnesses, moved to Perth, Australia, and later joined the reunited " Shadows" at. In 1982 he had his biggest hit as a solo artist Do not Talk. In 1988 he made ​​a guest appearance in front of around 280,000 visitors in London's Docklands in a huge concert by Jean Michel Jarre, which became known in the 90s as "Destination Docklands " concert.

In 1990, the Shadows "final" broke apart, he reinforced his solo performances with his band, consisting of Pete May ( drums), his son Ben Marvin (second lead guitar and rhythm guitar), Warren Bennett (son of Shadows drummer Brian Bennett on keyboard instruments and second rhythm guitar), and Mark Griffiths ( bass) existed. After several resolutions and Reunions the " Shadows" with Hank Marvin 2004 and 2005 were on a larger farewell tour.


Marvin plays along with the guitar yet banjo and piano. The beginning of his career at the " Gordie Boys " or the " Railroaders " denied Marvin with a Guyatone Antoria, which he himself described as a mixture of cheese cutter and board ( "Cheese Cutter and a plank ").

Among his most famous instruments include the Fender Stratocaster and the London Burns Hank Marvin Signature electric guitar. Marvin's trademark has long been a Fender Stratocaster Fiesta Red in color with light maple neck, Cliff Richard specially ordered him in the U.S. at that price of 180 guineas at Fender directly, because this guitar was not available at that time in Europe. Hank Marvin was of the tremolo arm with the usual over excited after seeing it - in his own words - the American diet ( quote: " Maybe the american diet, all that steak and eggs and milk How can They bend the strings. ? " ) attributed to the local guitar players were able to move so much the tones without covenant change. With the strings available in England was that, as Marvin goes on to say not possible. The actual background is in the tremolo Stratocaster, which no longer requires a Saitenbending. The Fender company later brought a corresponding signature model (made in Japan) on the market. Bruce Welch used this legendary Stratocaster (which was briefly vice injected into white, but then restored to the original state) today in appearances.

Used for the title Nivram Hank Marvin a Gretsch " Country Gentleman ," for It 's a Man 's World was the Burns specially developed for London " Double Six " is used. In " All Day " Greek Bouzukis were used. In 1970 the guitars were stolen from him after a concert that has since regarded as lost. Types of amplifiers: VOX AC15 ( including Apache to Midnight ), Vox AC30 (use up to LP The Shadows at Their Very Best, 1989), KCP Custom Amplifier, including use in live gigs, this one equipped with Kinman pickups Fender Stratocaster

Echo types: Meazzi Echo Automatic, Meazzi tape echo, drum Binson echo, EFTP Echoes from the past ( digitized echoes over ALESIS Q20 )

Marvin not only plays electric guitar, but is also an excellent pianist. ( see title " Stand up and say that", " Kinda Cool" and cover of " Titles - Chariots of Fire" )

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In 1996, honoring prominent guitarists of the rock and pop music Hank Marvin with a tribute CD - Twang: A Tribute to Hank Marvin & the Shadows! . This is to cover versions of selected titles, played, among others, Mark Knopfler, Brian May, Ritchie Blackmore, Peter Green, Keith Urban, Neil Young and Peter Frampton.