Hanna Mina

Hanna Mina (Arabic حنا مينة ) (* 1924 in Latakia ) is a Syrian writer.


He was born in the port city of Latakia and grew up in poverty. After primary school, he worked as a porter at the port and later as a hairdresser. In the 1940s, Mina began to write, went to Damascus and worked as a journalist. In 1954 he had his first novel published The blue lamps. In addition to his work as an author Mina worked for several years as a consultant in the Ministry of Culture. His works include two collections of short stories and numerous novels, including the autobiographical novel Fragments of Memory: A Story of a Syrian Family ( Publisher: Interlink Pub Group Inc, ISBN 1566565472 ). Hanna Mina was guest of honor at the Arab League at the Frankfurt Book Fair 2004.

Works (selection)

  • The blue lamps, (1954 ),
  • Images residues (1994 ), Basel: Lenos Verlag, ISBN 3-85787 225 X
  • Sun on a cloudy day, ( 2003), Basel: Lenos Verlag ISBN 3- 85787-337 X -