Hanne Haugland

Hanne Haugland ( born December 14, 1967 in Haugesund ) is a former Norwegian high jumper.

Hanne Haugland comes from a talented family jump. Her grandfather Eugen Haugland was fourth in the triple jump at the European Championships in 1946. Their father Terje Haugland was at the European Championships in 1969 eleventh in the long jump. Although Hanne Haugland did not jump as much as their ancestors, but higher.

1989 Hanne Haugland was at the European Indoor Championships with 1.96m in the high jump second behind the starting of Romania Alina Astafei, although they also jumped 1.96 m but had fewer failed attempts. 1990 Haugland was 1.91 m at the European Indoor Championships Fourth. At the European Championships in 1990 in the open, they finished in eighth place with 1.89 m.

According to a ninth place finish at the World Championships in 1993 with 1.88 m and a fifth place at the European Championships in 1994 with 1.93 m Hanne Haugland leapt in 1995 in the hall for the first time over 2.00 m. At the World Championships 1995 ersprang with 1.96 m sixth. In 1996, she reached at the Olympics, although the final, but 1.96 m were only enough to seat eight.

1997 was the season of Hanne Haugland. She won at the World Indoor Championships bronze with 2.00m. Gold won the Bulgarian Stefka Kostadinowa 2.02 m and won the silver medal with 2.00m Inha Babakowa from Ukraine. In the outdoor world championships in Athens Hanne Haugland sufficed 1.99 m to the world title before Inha Babakowa and the Russian Olga Kaliturina who both won silver with 1.96m. Three days after her victory in Athens jumped Hanne Haugland at the meeting world-class Zurich 2.01 m. This Norwegian record has not been subsequently outbid in the decade. In 1997 she was elected to Norway's Sportswoman of the Year and won the gold medal Aftenposten.

After 1997, Hanne Haugland did not reach a grand finale more.

Hanne Haugland is 1,83 m tall and weighed to competition times of 65 kg.