Hannes Hegen

Hannes Hegen (actually John Edward Hegenbarth, born May 16, 1925 in Bohemian Kamnitz ) is a German graphic designer and cartoonist.


Cherish studied 1943/1944 at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna and from 1947 to 1950 at the Academy of Visual Arts Leipzig. After that, he recorded primarily for newspapers and magazines, such as for the satirical magazine breezes and its successor Eulenspiegel. In 1955 he had the idea for a photo magazine for children and presented them to the publisher Junge Welt, his magazine mosaic came in the same year on the market. The signatories called himself Hannes nurture and created 1955-1975 with the comic book series of the Digedags (see also Ritter Runkel) his life's work. Hegenbarth moved into a previously occupied by the Soviet army property in Berlin -Karl Horst. There also worked the collective, which drew the mosaic templates. Cherish lived in this house withdrawn by March 2012 and then moved to a nursing home.

Only the first mosaic books came directly from nurture. The other books were of nurture and the Mosaic Collective, which, for example Lothar Dräger ( text ), Horst Boche, Lona Rietschel, IRMTRAUD Winkler -Wittig ( drawing ), Jochen Arfert ( colorist ), and many others belonged designed. On the front pages of the Mosaic books read: " Mosaic of Hannes nurture ".

After a dispute between nurture and the Young World publisher whose causes were apparent differences over the content orientation and financial demands of nurture, the Digedag mosaic has been set. After a creative break of half a year, the Mosaic Collective In 1976, a private mosaic with the Abrafaxe as the main heroes to the market. Cherish went against the Abrafaxe mosaic ago, in which he saw a copy of his Digedags, and wanted to also prohibit the use of the name " Mosaic ", but failed.

Even after the adoption of the book publishing world through the boy Tessloff Publishing lie all rights reserved nurture and the copyright for publication in Tessloff.

Cherish is related to the painter Emanuel Hegenbarth (1868-1923), the graphic artist Josef Hegenbarth (1884-1962) and actress cloud Hegenbarth (* 1980).

Hannes Hegen was married to the former costume designer Edith Hegenbarth born Szafranski (* January 19, 1924; † 7 May 2008), which he started in March 1957 as a staff member in his mosaic collective. Edith Hegenbarth created a variety of mosaic minor figures and figurines. After the death of his wife gave Hannes Hegen 2009, his extensive archive with thousands of original drawings of the Forum of Contemporary History Leipzig.


Cherish received the 2008 Max and Moritz Prize, the most important German award for comic artists by the International Comic Salon Erlangen.

In 2010 he received for his creative work, the Federal Cross of Merit.


  • Dig, Dag, Digedag. DDR comic " mosaic " from 17 February to 28 May 2012 at the Forum for Contemporary History in Leipzig