Hannover-Leinhausen station

  • Hanover - Minden ( 5.5 km ) ( KBS 370)


The Bahnhof Hannover - Leinhausen is a stop on the category 5 on the railway line between Hanover and Wunstorf. It is located on the border between the Hanoverian districts Leinhausen and Mr. Hausen. Keep it here since 2000 exclusively train and S -Bahn Hannover.


The first breakpoint Leinhausen on the route Hanover Wunstorf was 1887,. It was a simple timber-framed building at the time still at ground level running track. It is located near the still existing as a workshop for urban rail vehicles, the former repair shop Leinhausen and the associated housing development ( Colonie Leinhausen ).

The Grade II listed station building was designed in 1911 by architect Gustav bear. After completion of the line bridge and the viaduct over the Schaumburgstraße 1914, the station will have been taken late 1914 or 1915 along with former Hainhölzer station fully operational.

Today, the old train station a musical theater. The main platform is no longer required for the normal rail traffic can be used by special trains.

S-Bahn station

For 2000, the line between Hanover and Seelze to the north by two railroad was extended to the introduction of the S -Bahn Hannover. Here, the old station Leinhausen was abandoned and built a new train station with a central platform and private access.