Hanoch Bartov

Chanoch Bartow ( born August 13, 1926 in Petah Tikva, Palestine) is an Israeli writer and journalist.


During the Second World War Bartow fought in the Jewish Brigade of the British Army in 1948 and took part in the Israeli War of Independence. In London, he worked as an Israeli cultural attaché and wrote for twenty years for the daily newspaper Ma'ariv. 2005 Bartow received an honorary doctorate from the University of Tel Aviv, where he still lives today.


  • Shlonsky Prize ( 1965)
  • Bialik Prize ( 1985)
  • Award of the President for Literature ( 1998)
  • Agnon Prize ( 2005)
  • Buchman Prize ( 2006)
  • Israel Prize (2010)


Chanoch Bartow published ten novels, some short stories, essays and a biography of David Elazar.


  • The Reckoning and the Soul
  • Everyone Had Six Wings
  • The Brigade
  • Whose Little Boy Are You?
  • The Dissembler
  • In the Middle of it All
  • This is Ishel Speaking
  • Halfway Out
  • Hand in hand, Locked for Life
  • Beyond the Horizon, Across the Street