Hanover (New Hampshire)

Grafton County


Hanover is located on the Connecticut River in Grafton County New Hampshire U.S. state, which forms at this point, the natural border with the state of Vermont. The place is known as the location of the elite University Dartmouth College, which was founded here in 1769.


Hanover was awarded in 1761 from the Royal Governor of New Hampshire, the town right after colonists from Connecticut had filed a petition. Originally "Hannover" written - - About the origin of the name is disputed. A View to Hanover was named after a town in Connecticut, where the colonists had lived until then, another view, this name was in honor of the then reigning King George III. elected, who belonged to the House of Hanover.

1765 the first settlers of the city area. The city grew, mills were built and attracted new settlers.

In the year 1778 Hanover, and a number of other cities said going in Grafton County New Hampshire to get along with a number of locations from Vermont to establish their own separate state called " New Connecticut ." However, this plan proved to be not feasible, and eventually it came out that the places from New Hampshire in 1778 the then independent state of Vermont joined to ensure the connection to the fellow Vermonter cities in this way. The change of nationality, however, led in due time to numerous conflicts, so that the towns of Grafton County connection in 1784 with a screwdriver and had to join the state of New Hampshire.

Despite the thus recovered, passing through the Connecticut River, the state border lying on the opposite banks of the river towns Hanover and Norwich Association ( Vermont) and in the following years, a friendly cooperation. From 1847 to 1959, both locations shared a train station; And long time only - - 1859 here was the first duty-free bridge over the Connecticut River built, and since 1963 Hanover and Norwich together form the Dresden School District - the first transnational American school district.

In 1769, the priest Eleazar Wheelock relocated his charity school for young Native Americans to Hanover. He named the college after his English patrons Lord Dartmouth and opened the school system for English youths. The opening of the college promoted the economic and cultural development of the city of Hanover. Even today, the Dartmouth College is the largest employer in the community.

1797, Dr. Nathan Smith, the " Dartmouth Medical School " 1871 was opened the " Thayer School of Engineering" by Sylvanus Thayer and eventually founded Edward Tuck 1900, after his father Amos Tuck named " Amos Tuck School of Business " - the world's first School of Art


Hanover is bordered by the towns of Lyme, Canaan, Enfield, Lebanon and Norwich ( Vermont). The city is located near Interstates 89 and 91, so that Boston can be achieved in 2 and New York City in five hours drive away.

The nearest airport is the Lebanon Regional Airport in Lebanon, which can be reached by car in about 15 minutes. Larger airports are located in Manchester and Burlington - removed both about 90 minutes from Hanover.

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