Hans Christian Andersen Airport



The Hans Christian Andersen airport, Odense (Danish: Hans Christian Andersen Airport Odense Airport, hist Beldringe Lufthavn ) is a Danish airport. It is located on the southern Danish island of Funen, about twelve kilometers north of the city of Odense. Namesake of the airport is the Danish author and poet Hans Christian Andersen.


During World War II during the occupation of Denmark German began in 1943 with the construction of the airport. In the following years and decades, the airport was gradually expanded and extended.

The current terminal and the Tower originated in 1970., The jet age began at the airport with domestic flights of a Boeing 737 Maersk Air to and from Copenhagen. This required an increase in the start and runway of the airport, which was until now only driven by smaller aircraft. In terms of airport use dominated in the years to continue to Maersk Air with domestic flights.

In the 1980s, stood with regard to the planning of the Great Belt crossing the question of the economic viability of the airport. At the beginning of 1998 transferred the Danish State 's ownership of the airport to the former province of Funen and several local municipalities; nevertheless all scheduled flights were set towards the end.

In the following years, decided several tour operators and investors to use the airport as a base for charter flights. Motivation for this was particularly interested travelers to spare to travel long distances to neighboring airports, about to Copenhagen.


Currently, the airport is still used for charter flights (as of October 2013). The airport operator expects his own words, from the summer of 2014 to offer scheduled flights again.