Hans Daniel Johan Wallengren

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Hans Daniel Johan Wallengren ( born June 8, 1823 in Lund, † October 25, 1894 in the parish Farhult, Malmo län) was a Swedish pastor, entomologist and lepidopterist.


He was born the son of the zoologist Hans Wallengren and studied theology in 1842 at the University of Lund. In 1847, Wallengren his ordination and (today in the municipality of Höganäs ) appointed in 1864 Vicar of the parish Farhult. In 1860 he married Maria Magdalena Sjöström.

Wallengren also dealt with zoological and entomological studies and published several works on spiders, birds, and especially butterflies. His research led him among other objectives to Gotland, and according to Germany, for example, in the Harz, to Brunswick, Berlin, and to the Giant Mountains.