Hans-Dieter Lange

Hans -Dieter Lange ( born June 20, 1926 in Elbing, † 18 May, 2012 Berlin) was a German TV journalist. As spokesperson for the main news program of the television of the GDR, the " Current Camera" it was up to the turn of the chief spokesman spokesman collective.

After high school, Lange attended acting school in Gdansk. In 1944 he was drafted into the Wehrmacht in 1945 he got into Canadian prisoner of war until 1946 he worked as a medical orderly in the UNRRA camp Bergen -Belsen. After acting engagements at the theater Hildesheim and at the Municipal Theater Bonn, he began in 1950 as a spokesman for the GDR radio,

In 1963 he exchanged the radio microphone with the television camera and soon became the chief spokesman of the "AK"; he retained this position until 1990. however, he could never renounce the whole broadcast medium, so he was back and listen again also as speaker. He recommended that the television audience by a particularly quiet way of moderating the "AK". As chief spokesman he was also responsible for the training and education of the young speaker.

In the television series spook under the Ferris wheel Hans- Dieter Lange played a newscaster.

In 1989 he received the Patriotic Order of Merit in silver.