Hans Ehard

Hans Ehard ( born November 10, 1887 in Bamberg, † October 18, 1980 in Munich) was a German lawyer and politician of the CSU. From 1946 to 1954, from 1960 to 1962 he was Minister President of the Free State of Bavaria.


After graduation Ehard studied from 1907 to 1912 law in Munich and Würzburg, where he in 1912 with the degree of Dr. jur. completed. During the First World War ( 1914-1918 ) he was a soldier. In September 1919 he was a member of the Bavarian People 's Party ( BVP ) and entered the Bavarian Ministry of Justice in November 1919. On November 1, 1923, he was II Prosecutor at the Regional Court Munich I.

During the 1924 treason trial against Adolf Hitler because of its coup attempt, he was in this capacity investigators and prosecutors and " the right hand of I. Prosecutor Louis Stenglein ". On January 1, 1926 he was Judge in the Bavarian State Ministry of Justice, on September 1, 1928 Senior Government and on May 1, 1931 Ministerial.

In 1933, after the appointment of Hans Frank, the Bavarian Minister of Justice, Ehard resigned voluntarily from the Ministry and was posted on September 1, 1933 Senate President at the Higher Regional Court of Munich ( Civil Division ), in addition 1937 Chairman of the Erbhofgerichts Munich and in 1941 chairman of the German Medical Court Munich.

After the Second World War he joined in 1945, the CSU one. In 1945 he was briefly in the Cabinet Schäffer Minister of Justice, then the Cabinet Hoegner I Secretary in the Bavarian Ministry of Justice and member of the Constituent Assembly before he was elected on December 21, 1946, the Bavarian Prime Minister and member of the Country Council of the American occupation zone. He stood first in front of the government from a coalition of CSU, SPD and WAV. As of September 21, 1947 made ​​Ehard a CSU minority government, when the SPD withdrew their ministers. After the state elections in 1950, he formed a grand coalition with the SPD, which had more votes but fewer seats obtained as the CSU, and remained prime minister until December 14, 1954. From 1949 to 1955 he was party chairman of the CSU.

Following the resignation of Hanns Seidel he was on 26 January 1960 to 11 December 1962 again Prime Minister of Bavaria, to then turn to take over the Ministry of Justice in the Cabinet Goppel I to 5 December 1966.

Ehard was also from 1955 to 1969 president of the Bavarian Red Cross and from 1956 to 1963 President of the German Forest Protection Association (SDW ). He is also since 1957 honorary citizen of the cities of Munich and Bamberg, and, since 1974, the commune Bubenreuth.

His body was interred in the Forest Cemetery in Munich / semi-retirement in grave No. 86 - W-12.

Ehard was a member of the Academic - musical connection to Würzburg.

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